01 August 2009

All My Bags are Packed... Round 1

My Harrisonburg good-byes have been said. My apartment is as empty as it was on the day that I moved in almost two years ago. My car is loaded down with the remainder of my earthly possessions that haven't already been moved back to PA, donated to Gift & Thrift, or sold. With just over two hours left in town, it's hard to believe that it's all come to an end. For months, this has been a possibility, but it hasn't felt quite real. Even now, I'm not sure exactly what I'm feeling: Tired, it's been a busy week with late nights and early mornings; Overwhelmed, as with any transition there are a million details that somehow keep multiplying even after I've checked some off of my to-do list; Appreciative of the wonderful outpourings of love and support I've received from friends and colleagues over these past days; Slightly guilty for having to leave so (seemingly) abruptly; Uncertain about what these next weeks and months will hold. So, basically I'm a huge mass of conflicting and ill-defined emotions. I'm hopeful that these next two weeks will provide time for reflection, re-grouping, and relaxation in the midst of packing, yet again, for this next stage of my journey.

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